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Allow Surrender Courage Ease

Greeting cards to inspire you.


“Allow”, woodcut, 4″ x 6″, dieter runge, 2017


“Surrender”, woodcut, dieter runge, 2017


“Courage”, woodcut, 4″ x 6″, dieter runge, 2017


“Ease”, woodcut, dieter runge, 2017

When humans express their awe of creation, or the human spirit, in caves, on rocks, carving wood or stone, drawing, painting dancing, music or theatre we end up calling it art. Art and spirituality have always been tightly linked. Matisse called all art spiritual. Over the years, I have realized that much of my art comes straight from my daily practice of self realization.


“Sun”, (3 layer woodcut, 2 plates), printed image 24″ x 24″, dieter runge, 2017

Here is an evolving set of post- and greeting cards to inspire you and your family and friends. They are carved in wood and printed on BFK printing paper using a pile of test prints,  cut up to size and printed with the new image on top, unplanned collaboration between the old cut-up image and the new block. This leads to surprising images, each one unique.


“LOVE” wood cut, 4″x 6″, dieter runge, 2017

As flowing as the images came into being as difficult it is to develop these into sellable commodities. The hand carved and printed process takes time, card stock in the desired size was not available so far, so I had to cut up each card to the desired 10″ x 7″ then fold to reach 5″ x 7″ for which envelopes are commercially available. You can imagine, that each card should fetch ca $ 30 to make it financially viable. What do you suggest?


Woodcut greeting cards in author’s studio.

One way would be to scan them and print them digitally, and I might do that if I can connect to a business that sells them en masse. Meanwhile, I am willing to sell packages of 5 or 10. At what price? What comes to your mind?  What would make you a happy customer?


“YES”, woodcut, 4″ x 6″, dieter runge, 2017


30 cards, woodcut.