L1050247 L1050248 L1050249 L1050250 L1050251 L1050252 L1050253 L1050254 L1050255 L1050256 L1050257 L1050258 L1050259taro100 on floorcornerinst. overview Talbot angle view Talbot w chairs 6 in studioIMG_1700 2  12" framed

100 X 12  

Jaimey Hamilton-Ferris

“These 100  variations of the 12×12 inch format of the woodblock print offer startling perceptual shifts of color, text, geometric patterns, and natural forms. While all of the prints play off repeated forms,  and abstracted shapes modified as Runge’s process unfolded, some prints feel completely unique, lending insight to the way creativity arises in the dedication to reflecting on the simplest aspects of life.

Throughout 2012 Dieter Runge produced more than 200 of these wood block prints on a small printing press in his studio.  To let the creative process unfold, Runge set no restrictions on contents or style, but worked improvisationally and with a fluid method of incorporating repeated motifs of the forms that surround him as he worked. The resulting prints range from monochromatic squares or circles to phrases, to the incorporation of any object in his studio or garden that could be put in between the block and the paper. Often working on several prints and color variations at a time and incorporating ghost prints, Runge’s forms build and respond to each other.

The idea of geometric and natural variation runs throughout the recent history of abstraction in printmaking– from Elsworth Kelly’s non-compositional method to Jennifer Bartlett’s formal minimal systems.  Runge’s background as musician, his interest in meditation, as well as his commitment to the history of woodblock prints, lends his series a bold, luscious and fresh attitude, all at the same time.  The format of each print is a reference to the 12” vinyl record cover. Their visual impact is based as much on the rock’n roll riff as the zen mantra.”

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