Dieter teaches art, yoga, taiji, qigong, meditation, ayurvedic cooking, windsurfing, kitesurfing.


Water Sky, detail, oil on canvas, dieter runge, 2015/16

Ayurvedic Cooking with Dieter Runge

November 5th, 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM $ 40

includes all ingredients.

 An ongoing series of ayurvedic cooking classes

“All thinking and feeling, all wishes and hopes begin with food”                                                                                     Anonymous

Ayurveda is the sister science to yoga and the ancient practice of conscious medicine. In this introduction we prepare balanced easily digested meals and eat together, using mostly local organic ingredients. In this class we will prepare and eat a meal of vegetarian sushi using ayurvedic principles. We will also talk about how to make changes in your relation ship to food.

One of the big lessons of ayurvedic cooking is to learn that what and how we eat not only influences our physical health, but also our mind and emotions. What I like about ayurveda, is its depth, the natural approach and that it looks at each person with their specific needs in time and space. To become familiar with your specific constitution take a dosha quiz: http://www.halepule.com/hale-pule-dosha-questionnaire.html

It is my intention to bring the practice and knowledge of these ancient concepts to as many people as possible and help bring ayurveda the recognition, as yoga’s sister science, that it deserves and to always provide meals of the highest vibrational quality.

Dieter Runge has studied yoga and ayurvedic cooking with Myra Lewin for the past six years and has cooked for yoga teacher trainings and retreats besides cooking simple ayurvedic meals every day.

       “Working with Dieter is a joy. He is kind, respectful and loves what he does. Being a devoted yogi, he is an excellent person to prepare your food.” Myra Lewin

Contact Dieter at 808-372-8132 or dieter.runge.808@gmail.com. https://dieterrunge.wordpress.com/yogaayurveda/food-and-taking-care-of-your-self-an-ayurvedic-perspective/

Olena harvest.jpg

Olena (turmeric), just harvested.




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