2nd Annual Open Studio and Art Sale Labor Day Weekend Sun/Mon 11-4



views of the studio

Come visit my studio on beautiful Kaneohe Bay – Have an Ayurvedic lunch (RSVP) – talk art, consider taking an art lesson and enjoy the beautiful view of Kaneohe Bay.

If you can’t make it, browse for prints or paintings on this site. I offer free shipping within the US on selected pieces.


I FEEL GOOD woodcut 4″x6″, dieter runge, 2017

These small prints are very affordable and special, each one a unique multilayered woodcut. For more on these cards, how I made them, and a review in the Honolulu Staradvertiser.

Sri Yantra 4

Sri Yantra, woodcut, 12″x12″, dieter runge, 2016

“A mandala is a plan, chart or geometric pattern which represents the cosmos metaphysically or symbolically, a microcosm of the universe from the human perspective.” Chopra Center

For you meditators and yoga lovers, these prints are very affordable too. Yantra – Mandala – Popup. In this post I talk about the meaning of mantras and mandalas.


Ganesh, woodcut on canvas, ca 7′ x 4′, dieter runge

For your yoga studio or ashram. Ganesh is the remover of obstacles. You can discover the genesis of these prints in this post.

I was fortunate to work and sail on the Hokulea in 1997/8 during the one year Polynesian Voyaging class at Windward Community College in Kaneohe. These two woodcuts celebrate the canoe’s 3 year Malama Honua, Care of the Earth, voyage around the world and its return to he islands. For my own experience with Polynesian voyaging check these posts.

Hokulea at Sea

“The Hokulea at Sea” woodcut, 13″ X 14″, dieter runge, 2017

Hokulea off Kualoa 9:50

The Hokulea off Kualoa, woodcut, 15″x18″, 2017

….and for you rock’n rollers.

NYN.Kuan yin

Unique wood cut from the series Rock’n Roll Pt 2, 22’x30, dieter runge, 20006 

This fall I teach The Art of Rock’n Roll at the Honolulu Museum Art School. Here are some Rock’n Roll woodcuts based on my band posters and other images from my New York days.

Or are you a bicycle enthusiast. In the late 80’s I worked as a bike messenger in New York, did a Super 8 movie about it and some woodcuts a few years back.


Fixie, 4 plate woodcut, 12″x12″, dieter runge, 2012

For you designers, these 30′ long woodcut scrolls on beautiful semitransparent Japanese mulberry paper are sublime. They are printed from one single plate, ca 500 times from both sides The photo below shows ca 15′ of the entire 30′ length of the prints. Because of the transerancy of the ink and paper these prints look very special with some light from the back, which doesn’t exactly show in this photo. They could be cut up, combined in different ways or made into screens for example.


Water 2 woodcut scrolls, ca 40′ x 30 feet, on view ca 15′, Japanese Mulberry paper, dieter runge 2005

One part of my daily meditation is to imagine a big, golden sun over my head.  Into this sun I can put whatever I like to manifest in my life, kindness, love, creativity, freedom, etc.  Then l let this energy pour into every part of my body, every cell even the space between the cells. This practice inspired me to work on a series of woodblock prints, which I call the sun prints.

These sun prints evolved from 12” to 24” all the way up to a 48” plate and finally a 9” block. I printed them on paper, fabric, in single prints or long scrolls, and on clothes They have appeared in various exhibitions.

3 sunscrolls

3 Sun Scrolls, woodcut on Japanese Mulberry paper, from 24″ square plate, ca 15′, dieter runge, 2010

In this post I introduce some of my printmaking projects, there all also paintings, art books, and vinyl records on sale, maybe even guitars..  Just peruse this site or ask me questions. There are many small and test prints that are not posted and very affordable. Contact me on FB messenger or directly at dieter.runge.808@gmail.com

And….. before I forget I was on the radio for an almost hour long show with Matt Gilbertson from Design Talk Hawaii. We talked art, music, philosophy, architecture, design, Ayurveda, yoga, taiga, zen…It was quite fun and I am quite content with it. Here is the Soundcloud link.


sunset rays.fin

a recent view from my kitchen on Kaneohe bay


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