Alice Neel

AN flyer

Alice Neel woodcut flyer

Alice Neel at Marks 2009 surrender

Stage installation. Arts at Marks 2009

The Rock’n Roll band Alice Neel , named after the American artist Alice Neel (1900-84) was founded in 2008 by Stephen Niles, Will Williams and Dieter Runge, three painters, and included Maui’s Barndon Lund. The sound has been described as New York rock’n roll, where it originated since the principal singer and writer Dieter Runge lived there as part of the East Village scene of the late seventies and eighties.  The band has played various gigs around town, and on Kauai and Maui, mostly at art-openings, yogarden and other festivals.

In 2010 Alice Neel contributed the punky surfsong Ala Moana Bowls to Sun Burnt a compilation of summer songs on penny FOR THE GUY RECORDS.

The band went through various line-ups including the Taylor twins from Saving Cadence and  Kauai’s Donald Kelly. The band played gigs at art openings, private parties and closed the Paliku Arts festival since its inception. The current lineup is Matt Brittain, guit/voc, Spencer Lathrop, drums, Mark Scrufari, bass/voc, Dieter Osten, guit/voc.
Alice Neel plays mostly original songs, many from Dieter Osten’s New York days and writes and records new songs.  The covers range from the Velvet Underground, David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Roxy Music. T-Rex and Curtis Mayfield. Currently Alice Neel is recording two original new songs, Oahu Sweet and Rockets of Desire and a remake of David Bowie’s Helden, entirely in German with guest vocals by Lucie Lynch.

New York meets the Islands in a funky R&B underground and a swampy groove.

Soundcloud: Ala Moana Bowls, Fixie Love

You tube: For the funk check: Alice Neel – Can’t Fool the Music, for New York: Alice Neel – Waiting for my Man, Alice Neel – What goes On A spirited Fixie Love at the annual Anaohala Taro Patch Jam, and for the swampy groove check Alice Neel – Mystik Mood, especially the one chord jam after after min 2:15.

Group Marks 09. from right

Arts at Marks 2009, Stephen Niles, Dieter Osten, Brandon Lund, Will Williams III

Stephen.Brandon at Marks 2009

Stephen Niles, Brandon Lund, Arts at Marks 2009

Will at Marks 2009

Will Williams III Arts at Marks 2009

Dieter Osten Mark's garage 2009

Brandon Lund, Dieter Osten Arts at Marks 2009

Dancers Marks 2009

Dancers Debra Drexler, Lian Liederman, Jaimey Hamilton, Erika Molyneux, Meredith Kwok, Arts at Marks 2009

Brandon, Stephen, Will, overhead, Poolhouse

Brandon Lund, Stephen Niles, Will Williams III, poolhouse, 2009.

Yogarden 2011

Yogarden 2001 with Jordan Fite, Taylor Fite, Donald Kelly, Dieter Osten, Gary.

Anahola Taro Patch. 2011

Donald Kelly, Taylor Fite, Art Rudante, Dieter Osten, Anahola Taro Patch 2011

B-day poolhouse 2013

Matt Brittain, Dieter Osten, Spencer Lathrop, Mark Scrufari, Jaeimey Hamilton, Jason Faris, poolhouse August 2013.

LOU RIP Coconut Grove Jam2013

Matt Brittain, Dieter Osten, Tony, Mark Scrufari, Coconut Grove Jam, Oct 27th 2013, Lou Reed RIP

AN Wintersolstice.2013

Matt Brittain, Spencer Lathrop, Dieter Osten, Mark Scrufari, Andrew Whitesell’s winter solstice party, Kailua, 2013

Matt recording poolhouse dec 2013

Matt laying down some tracks, poolhouse Dec 2013.

Mark poolhouse dec 2013

Mark doing the same, Dec 2013

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