My Polynesian Voyaging Pt 2

This covers the Spring 1998 semester of my yearlong Polynesian Voyaging class. We still sailed the E’ala but worked more and more on the Hokule’a, rigging the canoe after it was put back into the water, test sailing it over several weekends all around Oahu’s South Shore and eventually sailing it to Molokai and back. We worked together with a Hawaiian Studies class from the University of Hawaii’s Manoa campus. We also got to work and sail with Nanoa Thompson, who was the first Hawaiian to re-learn traditional navigation from the Micronesian master Mau Pialug and is still a major leader and inspiration in the Hawaiian Renaissance and environmental education. Showing up every morning at 5;00 AM at Nainoa’s house for the Molokai sail for several days in a row only to be denied by strong winds and high seas, we eventually made, still having solid wind and seas, which made for an exciting adventure. I feel blessed to have had this experience and am very thankful for all the great teaching I received. Aloha!

Scan 25

The masts and rigging of the Hawailoa at Sand Island


Scan 32

Sailing on the E’ala on Kaneohe Bay


Scan 34

Celebration with native Alaskans – Kaneohe Bay near Kulaoa

2.7-2.28. 98

Scan 36

The Hokule’a being towed in Maunalua Bay

3.12-4.18 98

Scan 38

The Hokule’a in the Molokai Channel



Scan 42

Ka’au McKenney and Nainoa Thompson at work on the Hokule’a

jean 1

Scan 44

The Hokule’a off Le’ahi (Diamond Head)

jean 2

jean 3jean 4

Scan 46

Watershed in Kaneohe town


Scan 21

Hokulea off Kualoa 9:50

Hokule’a off Kuala, woodcut, 15″ x 18 1/2″, dieter runge, 2017

Scan 48.fin

The steering paddle of the Hokule’a in action.



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