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lanai view dusk

view from my lanai on a recent evening

It is a magical place that I live in and out of, but the economic reality is stacked highly against the creative spirit. In order to pay my rent next month, to pay my car insurance, and to buy a car, mine is legally totaled after someone smashed into it, I invite you to an all day

open studio/art/books/jumble/sale  This Sunday July 24th 2016    10 AM – 6:00 PM

Maybe I can live here a few more months. Lightening up my load will give me more flexibility to move, off island, a monastery? A job with a living wage?  I have no idea and feel at the end of the road, of A road. I do own many beautiful objects, art, paintings, prints, neon, bikes, guitars, amps, power tools, vinyl records, leather jackets,….

Come and hang out, jump into the pool or take out the kajak, talk shop and buy some art for $ 3 –  $ 300 or $ 3 000, or a rare book. I do have an 80’s edition of Matisse’s Jazz, or not so rare, or you might be looking for a guitar or a vintage amp (not cheap), a drum set?  I’ll cook some ayurvedic food. BYOB

If you can’t make it or you’re far away, message, call, skype…….anyway you like.


Oh yeah, ……..much more art to see: Motorcycle jackets, Portraits, landscapes, Yantra prints,  rock’n roll prints and more. Not everything on the linked pages is still for sale.


I hope to see you this Sunday. With a big Aloha!

lanai vie blue fin.jpg






One response to “Art Art Art Guitars Guitars Guitars Books Books Books

  1. Dieter,

    It saddens me to think you may have to leave your beautiful studio due to economic reasons. I had a memorable time there last year for your birthday, still remember the great music food, guests and breathtaking view. I will try my best to make it Sunday around work. Best of luck with everything, rock on and keep kicking it to the pricks. Aloha Dom

    oh yeah could you send me address again in case I have suffered memory loss since last year[😊]


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