Perfect Day

The second day of 2014, Friday morning Nicolette, who just finished woofing at my yoga teacher’s organic farm on Kauai and is staying with me for a week or so, and I got up at 4:30 to practice Pranayama, meditation and asanas. Afterwards we ate some quinoa cooked with raisins, ghee and cinnamon and went off to He’eia State Park where I teach taiji. The name He’eia means washed out to sea and is situated on a peninsula in Kaneohe Bay which is also called Ka Lae O Ke Alohi, “the point of shimmering light.” After taiji we visited the Byodo – in Temple in Kaneohe’s Valley of the Temples. This is a smaller-scale replica of the over 950-year-old Byodo-in Temple, a United Nations World Heritage Site in Uji, Japan and is nestled right against the fantastic Ko’olau Mountain range.


We ran some errands after and when this message from my friend Ron Darby showed up on my phone: “Kipapa Island?” my reply was; ” Yes, I’ll be home in 30 min.” Kipapa Island is part of the barrier reef that protects the 7 mile long Kaneohe Bay. The night before a  front had past over the island with strong southwesterly winds and during my taiji class I had already noticed the wind shifting to the northwest and picking up. From the hall where I teach taiji I look straight at Kipapa Island. Ron owns a pontoon boat ankered at his parents house two houses down from where I live. Thanksgiving we had done the same trip in calm weather to surf and now it was time to kite surf out there. You can read about it and why not to take bananas on a boat. Besides Nicolette and me, Ron’s sister Jarmila and Raymond Bizik were also on board. Ray and I and I had been on a few of these trips together and as I found out later he was also a musician who had recorded a few albums.

going out

heading out, straight into the northwesterly wind

getting closer to our destination

Nicollette enjoys the view as we motor  to our destination

As we got ready to let the anchor down we saw a few divers, but other wise we had this part of the bay pretty much to ourselves. The waves were small, but the wind was really good and we were excited to kite in the rare Northwestern. It is pretty tricky to launch a kite from a boat, but we had done it before and Ron and I were soon and took some jumps right next to the boat. Nicolette and Ray did some snorkeling in the crystal clear water while Jarmila  enjoyed hanging out on the boat.

The author digging the good wind and amazing views

The author digs the good wind and amazing views

We do have some videos, but they didn’t up load. I’m working on it and will let you know when they’re up. Eventually I got tired and returned to the boat, while Ron decided to kite all the way back to his parent’s house.

shore view

the view as we approach the Eastern shore of the bay.

shore view 2

getting closer

pulling into the channel in front of my house

pulling into the channel in front of my house

After taking care of the boat and storing the gear Nicolette and I cooked some Ayurvedic food and didn’t do much else. Now, don’t think this is my everyday life in Hawaii, most days are spend with work to pay for the prize of paradise, as we like to say here, but in this case we entered the new year with a perfect day.

brother sister. FIN

Close to shore the wind died and Ron got rescued by Jarmila


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  2. “You’re going to reap just what you sew” Lou Reed, hey Dieter It’s Dominick, finally visited your site. Valley of the Temples, one of my all time favorite spots, a wellspring of awe.

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